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US Elections: Riot erupts in Oregon as protesters demand votes must count

There is rising anticipation in the US as counting of votes continues with Donald Trump tailing Joe Biden in both popular and electoral college votes.

Violence has broken out in Portland, Oregon’s largest city, as protesters were seen smashing windows around the area.

The protesters demanded that every of their vote must count without undermining the democracy of America.

According to reports, the riot, which occurred on Wednesday, November 4, erupted in Portland, Oregon’s largest city amid rising tension currently gripping the United States over the counting of the presidential election.

One of the protesters said: “Our president seems to be making such a big deal about it and we need to clarify what the vote count is for. He doesn’t seem to get it.” Violence before election

Earlier yesterday, President Trump accused Biden of “electoral fraud” and further alleged that the counting of the ballots is characterised by irregularities and vote stealing.

Donald Trump declared that “he will never let them do it” as he declared himself the winner of the election and threatened to head to the Supreme Court to stop the vote-counting exercise.


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