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Nigerians React As President Buhari’s Pigeon Refuses To Fly After He Released Them During The Armed Forces Remembrance Day (Video)

Social media have been set on fire as President Buhari’s pigeons refuses to fly during the Armed forces remembrance day today being the 14th of January 2021 at the National Arcade.

The President who seemed so happy at the event was eager to let the birds fly, but to his own astonishment, one of the birds refused to take off flight after he had opened the cage and released it, rather the bird landed at the top of the cage after several futile attempt to make it fly.

Nigerians on social media while reacting to the news, had linked the event to that of the #EndSars massacre.

While some were asking why the bird would fly when nothing seems to be changing positively in the country.

The President who appeared tired of trying, left the birds and went back to his seat.

BTLBlogger: Augustine Emmanuel

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