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American Civil Rights Activist, Rev. Al Sharpton Files For Divorce From Spouse Following 17 Years Of Separation

Alfred Charles Sharpton. an American civil rights activist, Baptist pastor, Talk show person and government official has filed for divorce from his significant other, Kathy Jordan whom he’s been isolated from for a very long time.

The 66-year-old civil rights activist filed for a challenged divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday February 11, court records show.

American civil rights activist, Rev. Al Sharpton files for divorce from spouse following 17 years of detachment.

Sharpton and Jordan met during the ’70s when Al was visiting with James Brown and she was a backup artist. They got hitched in 1980 and were together for a very long time before their split. The pair have two girls together, Dominique and Ashley Sharpton.

The civil rights activist and MSNBC star has been involved with Aisha McShaw, an individual beautician from Westchester since 2013.

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