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Ben Askren’s Wife Reacts To Jake Paul’s Lewd Comments About Her

Ben Askren’s Wife Reacts To Jake Paul’s Lewd Comments About Her

Ben Askren’s wife, Amy, has responded to Jake Paul’s lewd comments about her as the YouTube star called her “thicc”.

Askren, 36, takes on Paul, 24, in a highly-anticipated boxing bout on April 17.

Ben Askren’s Wife Reacts To Jake Paul’s Lewd Comments About Her
Paul has stoked the rivalry with Askren by taking aim at his wife, calling her “thicc” in an interview with Ariel Helwani.

“She thicc bro,” he said. “With two Cs. Like T-h-i-c-c. She’s real thicc. I don’t know.

“I just thought she was bad. So maybe after I beat Ben…”

The former UFC contender reacted, tweeting: “This is laugh out loud awkward!!! But yes @jakepaul I find my wife very attractive also LOL.”

And now she has reacted in a video filmed by Askren, who captioned it: “@amyaskren1 reacts to her new internet fame and being called Thicc.”

Here’s the exchange –

YouTuber Jake Paul To Fight Former UFC Star Ben Askren In Eight-Round Pro Boxing Match
Amy Askren: I am not like you…

Ben Askren: How does it feel being an internet celebrity?

Amy Askren: I mean… I don’t know.

Ben Askren: What about, uh, you know, thicc? I guess that’s a term the kids use. What do you think about that term? Is it a compliment, or is it offensive?

Amy Askren: I’m not sure. I don’t know what it means. It has two c’s.

Ben Askren: Anything else you want to tell your new fans?

Amy Askren: Tell your moms to follow me, because they’ll probably stick around after all this is over.

Amy’s Instagram followers has increased since Paul’s comments.

He has history having aimed a disrespectful swipe at Conor McGregor’s fiancée, Dee, in a video call out.

What else taunts does he have in store ahead of their fight?

BTLBlogger: Augustine Emmanuel

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