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Benue man slices off his manhood to have the option to control his drive

A man in Benue state has cut off piece of his privates to control his moxie.

Terhemen Anongo, famously called Doc K or Bob Korna, is a dweller of Gboko in Benue state.

As he was unable to control his hunger for ladies, he chose to accept the exhortation in the Bible by removing what makes him sin.

Anongo is famously called Doctor K since he was an understudy of the University of Ibadan clinical school. He exited in his last year in 2007 inferable from mental reasons and has been living alone in his dad’s home, having pursued out any remaining family members who he blamed for being behind his situation.

In spite of exiting school, he is profoundly eloquent and seen as keen.

He moves brokers’ merchandise in a work cart to make a decent living.

Be that as it may, one thing he was unable to control was his drive. To place his sexual drive in line, Anongo looked for genital medical procedure from a few experts, yet they all turned him down.

Since he had a touch of clinical experience, he assumed control over issue. He obtained the necessary apparatuses and drugs and continued to do the medical procedure.

He cleaved off his correct gonad in the wake of spotting nearby sedatives on it and was resolved to eliminate the left one too yet halted because of exorbitant dying.

He strolled to a clinical office where he was dealt with and released following a couple of days on confirmation.

Found out if he would eliminate the excess gonad subsequent to recovering, Doc K said, “No, I will not attempt it once more.”

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