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Texas residents line-up to fetch water from borehole in the midst of power outage (Video)


Residents of Texas have been found in a viral video arranging themselves to fetch water in the midst of long stretches of power outage in the state occasioned by disappointment in natural gas operations.

As per administrators, the main part of the power misfortune in Texas came from petroleum gas providers as pipelines froze, making it hard for plants to get the fuel they required.

Power is typically used to siphon water into the homes of inhabitants yet since the outage, many have turned to looking for elective methods of getting to their every day needs.

In a video shared online by abc correspondent, Erica Simon, residents could be found in a line holding basins and distributor compartments as they fetched water from a borehole tap.

Watch the video:


BTLBlogger: Augustine Emmanuel

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