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Two young ladies, 15, ‘tranquilized and assaulted by 10 men’ in the wake of meeting on Snapchat

Two 15-year-old young ladies were tranquilized and assaulted by 10 men in Calamvale District Park, south of Brisbane, in Australia, in the wake of meeting one of the men on Snapchat, a court has heard.

As indicated by court papers, the young ladies begged them to quit during the assault however they can’t.

Four men have now been accused of tranquilizing and explicitly attacking the young ladies.

The court heard one man, matured 19, revealed to one casualty to “suck my d***” during the supposed rape.

The 19 year old deals with 40 indictments including 16 tallies of assault.

He attempted to apply for bail in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday, February 1 however it was denied.

Police say the young ladies came into contact with one of the men on Snapchat, prior to meeting up with them on December 28.

As indicated by court papers, the young ladies were utilized with liquor and medications before they were assaulted and compromised with a wrecked jug by the men.

Senior Constable Min Hu told the court: “They knew about their age.

“They tempted them with liquor and medicates and assaulted them.”

He said each supposed assault kept going “10 to 15 minutes” and the 19-year-elderly person advised one of the young ladies “sorry in the event that we hurt you”.

Protection attorney, Bianca Van Heerden said her 19-year-old customer was at the recreation center on the evening, however denied the allegations.

She said the charges have come as “an outright stun” which he plans to “emphatically challenge”, The Courier-Mail revealed.

Ms Van Heerden said her customer had cannabis for his “own utilization” and provided the liquor, which was “shared” by him and the young ladies, however he didn’t have the foggiest idea about the teens were underage and “was persuaded the young ladies were more seasoned than they were.”

The court heard there are claims the supposed rapes were shot, however there is no proof of film as at press time.

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said: “This is a totally nauseating occurrence, and something those young ladies should live with for the remainder of their lives.”

BTLBlogger: Augustine Emmanuel

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