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“Blessed to see my 105th birthday” – Ageless grandma leaves social media users in shock

105-year-old grandma leaves social media users in shock with her age-less birthday photo as she raises her hands in praises for the new age.

Photos of a 105-year-old grandma making rounds on the internet as many doubts her age as she looks 80 or even lesser.

The woman is seen putting on a white shirt with a note on it that reads ‘Blessed to see my 105th birthday.’

“Blessed to see my 105th birthday” – Ageless woman leaves social media users in shock

See some reactions from social media users below …

i feel like you can physically see her energy & i luv her.

I need to know what’s in her diet.

She looks great for her age like honestly it’s amazing she’s not in a wheel chair.

Sis looks 88 on her best day, black really don’t crack, looking like she’ll make it to 200 at this rate.

She has been using her super powers this whole time, meanwhile everyone else has just unlock thier’s for few days when that moon thing happened.

Indeed God is good all the time and all the time God is good. We thank God for your life. You are blessed and i believe you will live to see your 110 birthday. May God bless us with same age and good health in Jesus almighty name aaaaaamen.

BTLBlogger:  Augustine Emmanuel

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