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Jeff Bezos’ ex, MacKenzie Scott weds science teacher

MacKenzie Scott, the world’s third most richest lady and giver once wedded to Jeff Bezos, has discovered love again and remarried two years in the wake of separating from the Amazon originator

Scott and Bezos separated in 2019 following 25 years of marriage, and not long after that started parting with lumps of her fortune to social causes.

Her humanitarian endeavors commenced with her marking the Giving Pledge, a stage made for very rich people to openly proclaim they will give pieces of their fortunes to generous endeavors.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Scott has hitched Dan Jewett, a science educator, who has additionally marked the promise.

“It is strange to be writing a letter indicating I plan to give away the majority of my wealth during my lifetime, as I have never sought to gather the kind of wealth required to feel like saying such a thing would have particular meaning, ” Jewett wrote in his Giving Pledge letter.

“In a stroke of happy coincidence, I am married to one of the most generous and kind people I know — and joining her in a commitment to pass on an enormous financial wealth to serve others.”

Talking on the news, Bezos revealed to The Wall Street Journal that his ex’s new spouse is “a particularly incredible person” and said he’s “glad and energized for the two of them.”

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