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Just In: Nigerian Army Major Defrauds Land Buyer, Harasses Victim Since 2018

Azeez Tijani, a Nigerian Army Major, has been trapped in a land extortion crime that has continued for around three years currently, as per SaharaReporters.

It was discovered that Major Tijani purportedly offered land to one Olanrewaju in Iguomo people group in Edo State in 2018 yet neglected to deliver the land archives to the purchaser.

The victim portrayed that all things considered, the military official had been undermining his life and educating him to fail to remember regarding the cash and stay off the property – around 10 plots which he (Olanrewaju) used for farming.

Olanrewaju added that Tijani, who is connected to the Nigerian Army School of Education, Sobi Barracks, Ilorin, Kwara State, would not respect the police greeting, saying he was not given a pass.

The casualty said, “Sometime in 2018, I bought some plots of land from the man who claimed to be a Major. The moment he said he was a Major, I just trusted him. I did transfers to him in four tranches. I have been pursuing him since 2018 to get the documents of the land. I didn’t get any of those. Sometime in 2019, I went to his house.

“I got to his house and met his wife. I asked her, madam, what about your husband, she said he stepped out. He didn’t come back. So, I went to the community leader and told him my ordeal. He said for me to get the land papers, I had to buy the land again. I did.

“He gave me the documents covering eight plots of lands. I started struggling to get my money back from Major. He stopped answering my calls. He stopped replying to my messages. Each time, I called him, he would say, I should come and meet with him. But I feared for my safety because the land area is lonely.

“It is farmland. I know I have been swindled. He comes to the farm with service pistols. He is feared in the community. I have animals on the farm but I cannot go to the farm because his elder brother came and harassed me, saying I should never go to the farm.”

Olanrewaju likewise said that Major Tijani and some punks obliterated the edge fencing and the development he had on the land.

“I went to the police station to file a complaint but he lied to the police that they did not give him a pass (at the barracks) and he could not come. The police operations commander told him to refund the money. He said his brother was sick and he promised to refund my money by March 15.

“I expect Tijani to refund the money and pay for the damages he has done on my land,” the victim bemoaned.

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