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Nigerian man condemned to death for dealing 4 kg of meth

A court in the southern Tay Ninh Province sentenced a Nigerian man to death Tuesday for dealing almost four kilograms of methamphetamine from Cambodia.

Ekwegbalu James Nzube stands preliminary in Tay Ninh Province for drug dealing, March 2, 2021.

Ekwegbalu James Nzube, 45, said he got to know another Nigerian, Jone, in China in 2014, and the last had employed him to ship drugs from Cambodia to Vietnam.

In March he came to Ho Chi Minh City before going to Cambodia to bring the medications for which he was paid $2,000.

Yet, while illicitly crossing the boundary into Vietnam last July he was caught by border guards in Tay Ninh Province.

In his backpack, they discovered four plastic sacks with almost four kg of meth.

Vietnam has a portion of the world’s hardest drug laws. Those sentenced for having or carrying more than 600 g of heroin or over 2.5 kg of methamphetamine face death.

BTLBlogger: Augustine Emmanuel

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