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Three dead, 284 hospitalized of polluted water in Kano

Anxiety kept on mounting in Kano as three people were affirmed dead and 284 others were hospitalized in the wake of drinking from ‘ground water’ scooped close to Dandolo Cemetery in Gwale Local Government Area of the city.

Before the incident, an outbreak had been allegedly murdering scores of people in the city in the last fourteen days, an improvement which in the long run pulled in government intervention.

Tending to newsmen on Tuesday, Commissioner for Health in Kano, Dr. Aminu Ibrahim Tsanyawa, who affirmed the turn of events, pronounced that examination uncovered the polluted water had spread across 13 neighborhood government zones, including the eight metropolitan councils.

The commissioner announced that out of the polluted water, 101 people had been released across 25 hospitals where they were overseen while 183 were all the while fighting to survive.

Dr. Tsanyawa, who exposed any connection of the odd disease to the COVID-19 pandemic, said that analysis indicated food contamination, including defiled water and arranged juice from moment seasoned beverage powder.

He added that discoveries uncovered that those hospitalized showed huge indications, including fever, yellowish staining of the eyes, hematuria
abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and dizziness, among different side effects.

The commissioner revealed that a list instance of the episode, a six-year-old young lady, developed abdominal pains, vomiting, jaundiced and urine with blood shortly after drinking water said to have been brought from a water seller who sourced the water from a borehole inside the premises of a burial ground at Dandolo in Kano city, especially in Warure territory in Goro Dutse ward in Gwale.

“Further investigation revealed that those individuals that came down with such symptoms were said to have consumed juice from instant flavored drink powder with a variety of salt for industrial as well as caustic powder, mostly used for a cadaver (dead body preservation). These drink powders were confirmed to have exceeded expiring date and exposed to non-recommended storage conditions.”

In the meantime, aftereffects of blood tests are as yet being anticipated. While cautioning occupants to be aware of beverages and water being taken, the official guaranteed that the public authority was taking fundamental measures to abridge the spread of the sickness.

BTLBlogger: Augustine  Emmanuel

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