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Young man takes amazing photos of old man, sells them as NFT for over N1 million

Adisa Olashile, a Nigerian, demonstrated one of the many advantages of blockchain and bitcoin in today’s digital environment.

In a tweet on April 1, the young photographer and corp member shared some photos of an elderly drummer who he claims he usually sees during the NYSC Community Development Service (CDS).

He composed: ”I always meet this man at the secretariat where we have our Cds , so I decided to make him smile more with my camera . I hope you all see the emotions in his smiles.”

On April 2, Adisa provided an update on how he was able to monetize the beautiful shots by minting Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on OpenSea and selling them for 0.3 Ethereum (Eth) each.

Eth/USDT was $3497.33 (N2,042,440.72) on Sunday, and 0.3 of the same cryptocurrency was selling for $1049.19 on Binance.

Seeing as the photographer was able to sell two at 0.3 Eth, that would translate to $2,098.32 (N1,225,418.88) in price.

The brilliant photographer also disclosed that he intends to give the old man 50% of the money he made from the mints.

Sharing the photos on Twitter, he wrote;

”Minted baba’s pictures as nft and got them sold immediately. Inshallahu 50% is going to him. Ramadan Kareem 🌙”

See his posts:

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